Monday, June 24, 2013


Things aren't all dirt and power tools around 231. When we're not working on home projects, Ryan runs a sales team at Cartelligent, a Sausalito based new car buying service, and I am a representative for Herff Jones Yearbooks. Working with students and teachers to help them create yearbooks is literally my dream job, and you can check out my HJ North Bay page here. We are lucky to both love our day jobs, especially considering rapidly mounting home improvement materials costs as we tackle projects.

Design and aesthetic is incredibly important to me, and I think it influences everything that I touch. I love to create, whether it's helping students create a beautiful layout at work, building and refacing things at home, or designing a pretty piece of paper on the computer. So when a friend or family member asks me to create something for them, I always jump at the chance.

This particular project was for a friend hosting a bridal shower. Her little sister is getting married this summer and she is hosting an afternoon affair at a seafood restaurant in Sausalito. Hot pink is her sister's favorite color, and she wanted the event to be girly but not too over the top.

She asked me to design the table numbers and seating cards for the shower, and I immediately thought to add a geometric lace detail and offset the hot pink with a soft grey that will mimic the color of the water outside.

I decided to use a modern, easily readable san-serif font to keep the cards from getting too girly, and so guests could quickly and easily find their names when they arrived.

There you have it! I'll be featuring some of my design work here because I think that inspiration can come from anywhere, and posting some "pretty" here and there will help balance the rough and dirty of home inspiration.

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