Saturday, June 22, 2013


We have 10 yards of gravel being delivered this weekend for the patio base. Unfortunately, we're not quite ready for the wheel barrow bonanza, because we're in the middle of leveling for the future patio. Hopefully this morning we'll get that done and have the chance to bring in at least SOME rock this weekend. Here's a pic showing our life now... at least McKinney is cute.

I thought I'd put into print our overwhelming list of plans for the yard. The tasks are mostly in order, but we've been jumping from task to task as we tackle the job.

 Here goes nothin':
• Pull up ivy
• Remove privet trees
• Weed garden area and transplant any plants we'd like to keep.
• Remove rock from pathways
• Dig up buried brick hardscape
• Remove brick patio
• Trench for drainage
• Install french drains
• Install irrigation line for sprinkler system
• Dig sump pit, place basin and hook into french drains
• Run power to sump and hook up junction boxes
• Create sprinkler manifold and hook up irrigation line
• Run and hook up water line
• Install sprinkler heads
• Grade yard for sod 
• Excavate for patio
• Trench for gas, water, electricity, cable and speaker wire to outdoor kitchen area
• Hook up gas, water, electricity, etc.
• String level for patio base
• Create concrete forms for garden boxes and step
• Create redwood form around tree in patio
• Dig up stump in future bbq area
• Lay concrete base for bbq island
• Create rock patio base
• Level patio base
• Screed sand and lay patio stone
• Lay Sod
• Lay face stone on garden beds and deck step
• Tackle outdoor kitchen frame
• Power. Wash. Everything.
• Re-stain the deck

You can see we're about half way through the project at this point. We still have a long way to go, but it's good to see in print that we really have crossed a number of large projects off the list.

Update: December 2014 - we are thrilled with the progress we made this year on the yard renovation, which has turned out to be the biggest project we have ever tackled, but we still have a lot to do. We've been so busy working (both at our jobs and on the house) that we're not caught up on the posts, but will get to them slowly over the coming months! Thanks for your patience. 

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