Monday, July 22, 2013


Recently, our neighbors brought us a huge bag of gorgeous plums from their tree. We gorged ourselves on their sweet, tangy goodness for a week or so, but we just weren't able to finish them all.

I hated the idea of them going to waste, so I decided to go out on a limb and do some baking!

It's called a Viennese Plum Cake and it was delicious!

Here were the plums that inspired me to pull out my Kitchen Aid and preheat the oven on a 90 degree day in summer.

While trying to find a use for these beauties I searched the web for some sort of plum crumble or tart that would highlight their flavor and keep for a couple days (there are only two of us around here, after all). Surprisingly, when I typed in "plum pastry" into the search bar the recipes I found all had a common northern European theme. Maybe there are lots of plums in France, Germany and Austria?

I thought about going with a Galette, and considered Kuchen, but finally setteled on this recipe for Viennese Plum Cake from My Kitchen Snippets because I liked the idea of using sour cream in the dough and adding a crunchy topping.

I followed the recipe almost exactly, with the exception of using about 10 plums compared with 5 that it called for. I was hoping that my plum layer would be a little thicker, but the opposite happened. Maybe the plums that were used in the original recipe were bigger?

Either way, it was delicious! The cake was moist and not too sweet and the crunchy topping was delightful. It highlighted the tartness of the plums perfectly.

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