Thursday, July 11, 2013


Good news! I got the go ahead last night to get started on my office makeover! With the yard project in full swing, I didn't think Ryan would let me tear up another space in our house, but we've gotten to the point outside that there isn't much I can do on my own. Lucky for me, Ryan told me it was okay to start on another room inside during the daytime while he's at work.

I work for Herff Jones Yearbooks as a sales rep in the North Bay Area, which gives me a couple incredible perks. I get to work from a home office and I have pretty mellow summers. Last spring when we moved in, we basically hodge-podged the office together with furniture we had moved from our apartment and storage unit. I added to that a year's worth of yearbook rep paraphernalia, and the results are an overwhelmingly messy space that is crowded, cramped and bursting at the seams.

Because my summers are slow, now is definitely the time to do an office renovation. I've been thinking about it for months and I think I have a pretty clear idea as to what I want.

From the first day I saw it, I have been in love with the Bedford desk unit from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, our budget is a little more Ikea than Pottery Barn, so I have had to rethink it. I was planning on DIY'ing a similar style desk with filing cabinets and countertop until I saw Chelsea's home office makeover at Two Twenty One (she also gave me inspiration for my blog name... thanks Chelsea)! I took one look at her large Ikea Expedit workstation and knew immediately that it would work well for me. The bookcase offers tons of storage for yearbooks and supplies, and the large desk would accommodate my needs well. As a bonus it would face me toward the window while I'm currently faced toward the wall while working at the computer.

The other thing I really want in my office is a large white board. I have lots to keep track of including my schools deadlines and important dates, prospects info, and sales strategy. A large white board will give me the opportunity to keep track of all that in one easily referenced place.

The desk and the white board offer will plenty of bright, cleanwhite in the space, so I'd like to balance it with a dark, highly saturated color on the walls... and when I want color, my go to is almost always blue. It's become a well used color in our home because it's fairly neutral, not too feminine, and works well with lots of other colors (in my case often greens and yellows).

All that being said, here is the inspiration board I put together for my future office:

Here are the sources, clockwise from the top left:

1. Ikea Expedit Workstation with Desk
2. World Market Grant Office Chair in white
3. Navy walls. Does anyone have a good suggestion of a good saturated navy?
4. Whiteyboard stick on white board, 5 ft. x 9 ft.
5. Ikat printed curtain to cover closet area
6. An upholstered green chair similar to this one
7. Some fun navy printed pillows
8. A faux sheepskin rug for texture
9. DIY table on wheels made from filing cabinets like this one from Little Grey Table

I'm clearing out the office today, so I'll be back with some good (and I use that word loosely) before pictures of what the space looks like currently. Wish me luck!

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