Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This girl.

I'm mortified to show off the before pics of my office today. The pictures make me look like a disorganized yearbook hoarder, which I suppose I am (the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem, right). But in all fairness I am a small business owner, and I don't have any other space to store this stuff. I just need a better system for organizing it moving forward. At least I hope so.

The office didn't look like this all year, but things started to pile up in the last couple months of spring as I juggled yearbook delivery season and last minute projects. Then summer started and I gave up completely. Like piled things in there and shut the door. And pretended the room didn't exist.

The shot above is taken from the doorway of the office. This space is where I spend a good chunk of my time at home during the school year. My Mac gets a serious workout daily as I help my schools design their books and correspond with advisers and students. The desk is also my marketing station for my business as I'm constantly putting together pieces for prospect customers. I like that it is good size, but I need some sort of storage solution. As for the piles of books; I get two copies of every book my school produces, and as they arrived the yearbook pile grew and grew.

This corner is mostly about storage. The closet is decent size for an office, but we never got the doors put back up after we painted originally last spring, and things have been squirreled here and there over the past year. This area has also become a dumping place for items that don't fit elsewhere in the house, like that great painting and globe (both from World Market) that were pulled out of rotation and set here. The ikea cupboards are empty, but have sat there uselessly since we moved in.

It's also important to note the windows in this room. They provide lots of natural light, which is awesome, but they have a couple drawbacks. The stain color doesn't match our lovely walnut colored floors (I know, call the waambulance) but worse they are sticky... like stick-to-your-finger-when-you-touch-them sticky! I guess it's a result of the wood being stained incorrectly the first time around, and we have the same problem all over the house. Yuck.

These shots are of the wall opposite from the desk, where I've had a couple bookshelves set up. These shelves came from our old apartment and were put in here for temporary storage when we moved in. They are definitely vital to the space, but I'm looking for something a little more cohesive.

I also noticed as I have lived in this space for a year, that the office is the place most of my purses end up piled when I change them out. They currently sit on the ground, but I'd like to create some sort of storage rack for them. I also want a place to display the name badges from conferences and events (another thing I obviously hoard), which currently hang from the side of the bookshelf.

Another thing I need to get a handle of is the slide scanning project that has been sitting in the corner of the room for almost a year. My grandmother was a photographer and a world traveler, and when she passed away last year the family didn't know what to do with the thousands of slides she had taken over 40 years. The slides were kept meticulously organized, and I tried to convince my parents to take money from her estate to have the slides professionally scanned and have dvds sent to each of the 5 kids and 18 grandkids for personal use. When I lost that battle I decided to take on the task myself and inherited four filing boxes full of slide contact sheets. I spent some time scanning them last winter when the days were short and cold, but once spring came I abandoned the project. It's been waiting for me dutifully ever since in the corner. I don't know what my plan is yet for storing/displaying the slides, but I've been mulling it over a lot this summer. I'd love to showcase some of her work here on the blog, and maybe even set up a shop... but that is way down the line.

Since these pictures were taken, I've removed every last yearbook from the space (along with everything else). The room looks so much bigger when it's empty and I'm excited to paint, bring in the new furniture and get control over the chaos.


  1. What a fun project you have taken on. These pictures will make for great "before" pictures :)

    What a great project you have taken on with scanning your grandmother's slides onto cds. Love that!! What a treasure!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to getting organized and I think the before and after should be pretty dramatic.

      I've been following your blog for a while now and love all your great projects!