Monday, August 5, 2013


Things are going pretty well here! The office project is coming along. It's painted, the furniture is built, and I even splurged on an incredible cowhide rug for the floor. I'm working on putting things back in order and searching high and low for the right draperies for the windows and closet. We spent the weekend hammering down slate stones on the patio in the backyard and we are making progress. Very. Slow. Progress.

I thought I'd share a fun experience that we had last weekend, participating in the Ragnar Trail Relay in Tahoe last weekend! Ryan's siblings have been on the Ragnar circuit for a while now, running the 24 hour road races. When they found out Ragnar was offering a trail relay in Tahoe they jumped at the chance to form a Mize family team... and somehow they talked Ryan and I into joining.

And here we are at the finish line: Team Midnight Hoppyness!

It's no secret that we Mizes are beer lovers, so we wanted a team name that referenced our love of hops and the silly idea that we'll be running all night. The team decided on Midnight Hoppyness, and I put together a logo for the team.

I wanted to use bright, fun colors and make the logo look "fast" so I borrowed the Ragnar orange and blue and added a bright electric green to the mix. I created the hill and the runner, with a big, bright full moon behind it, and a large hop as the central element. Our longest run at Sierra included a ride up one of the ski lifts, so my brother-in-law suggested I add the ski lift element to the logo. I love the way it turned out.

We wanted to put the team logo on the back of our team shirts, so I whipped this up for the front. They printed the logo larger than we were hoping, but they are still fun.

Here we are in camp, working on a team poster and showing off the shirts. Cute right?

Unfortunately for me, there was a lot more to the weekend than arts and crafts. Each of the eight members of our team ran three race legs on the trails of Sierra at Tahoe ski resort over the two day period. The legs consisted of a fairly easy 2.7 mile loop, a grueling 6.9 mile loop with a killer hill and a mostly downhill 8.1 mile loop that included a ride up the hill on one of Sierra's high speed chair lifts. One person was always on the trail at any given time, even overnight.

Here I am taking off on the trail on my first leg of the race.

And here is the view of Lake Tahoe from the highest point of the longest race leg. Not a bad view, huh?

All in all it was a long weekend, and I'm not sure that I would do it again. The trails themselves were steep and hard, and the altitude didn't help things. And between runs there were long periods of waiting at camp for the runner on the trail to come in and the next one to go out. But, there was also lots of laughter and time with friends and family in the process. Having the support of the team was incredibly helpful both the weekend of the race and the weeks of training leading up to it.

Ragnar Tahoe 2013 was my first real "race" and I am glad to say I completed it. Maybe next time I'll go with a nice, easy 10K.

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