Monday, September 23, 2013


The recipe I wanted to share today was one that I created back in early August as a part of my monthly Sunset Magazine challenge (a resolution for this year that I try something new and different monthly, using Sunset as my inpsirtation). The creamy corn chowder felt decadent for a summer evening, but it's much more appropriate for this time of year, when we are grasping on to those last fleeting moments of summer and moving quickly towards fall.

The recipe came from the July issue, part of a feature about throwing a summer clam bake style party at the beach. The actual page from the magazine is below, and here is the link to the recipe online.
I followed the recipe as close to the letter as I could (which is rare for me), and side by side the images don't look all that different!

The chowder was creamy and tangy, and felt totally decadent for a home meal. Maybe it was the combo of basil and lime, along with the sweetness from the corn, but Ryan and I both decided it tasted more like thai food than something from a summer clam bake.

I served it with french bread I had rubbed with garlic cloves and toasted, then lightly buttered. Yum.

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