Monday, October 7, 2013


October is my favorite month of the year. Here in Northern California we still have warm sunny days, but the evenings are cooling off and there is a feeling of fall in the air. In Napa the vines are turning gold, bronze and fiery red, and in our neighborhood the trees are beginning to lose their leaves and often you can smell the faint burning of a fire in a fireplace.

October means football season is in full swing, baseball playoffs are beginning, and we get to start pulling out our boots and sweaters for the season. It also means Halloween, which has always been my favorite holiday.

Over the weekend we got into the attic and pulled out the fall decorations, and as I begin to set them up I thought I'd share my Halloween decor from 2012. I only have a couple pictures, because at that point I had no plans to share them online, but you get the idea. I remember being really happy with them at the time, but looking at them now I look forward to improving on them for this year.

The skeleton and skull came from Michaels and the Mercury Glass pumpkin I found at Costco. The rest of the decorations were things I've accumulated over the years. The fabric garland had orange lights that gave off a spooky glow at night.

I covered a few books from around the house and covered them with brown craft paper, then used a sharpie to write the titles.

The pre-fab mantle was natural wood when we bought the house (and not actually even attached to anything). I painted it white to match the trim and bolted it on to the wall, but I have hopes of doing a total fireplace overhaul someday. I'd love to do something like this using cement board and tile.

The cinnamon broom in the picture above is from Trader Joe's made the whole house smell like the holidays. I can't wait to get another one this year.

And here are a couple pics of the outdoor decos from Halloween night. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of young families and in spite of pouring rain we had over 200 trick-or-treaters last year, which means I had an excuse to put up some fun decorations, even though I don't have kids of my own.

At Halloween time last year our San Francisco Giants were in the World Series, and the SF pumpkin was a huge hit.

I'm looking forward to getting things decorated for this year! We have come so far on the house since last fall, and it's fun to see the milestone of one year coming and going at 231.

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