Monday, December 9, 2013


Christmas is a pretty big deal around 231. Ryan grew up in the Mickey Mouse Christmas House, a local holiday attraction, that the family works together to put up. We even decorated our small apartment in San Francisco with a full size tree and lights every year. So, now that we have the space to REALLY decorate, we wanted to do it up right.

This will be my first home tour on the blog, so hopefully it's not confusing.

This buffet was my grandmothers, and I inherited it from her when she passed, which is lucky because it looks like it was made for the space where it sits, right inside the entry in the living room. It had a black formica top, but we added glass to it and placed decorative paper underneath, that I change out from time to time. This year we went with these mod christmas trees.
I grew up with a Christmas tree in the front window, and I wanted to do the same thing at our house, but Ryan grew up with his tree in the family room. So we compromised, and now we do two trees every year.

This year, I followed a couple DIY ornament tutorials from my favorite folks over at Young House Love and made some colorful plastic animals in fun shades, along with swirling some paint and glitter into inexpensive clear glass balls.

Aren't the cute?

These adorable penguins came from Target, I got them on clearance at the end of the season.

Here's a shot of our living room on a cozy evening.

The ornament wreath was a DIY project I did with my mom and sister last year. You can see a tutorial on my sister's blog Mess of the Day.

And I just love my little family of Reindeer. They came from Crate and Barrel last year, they remind me of McKinney, the way she cocks her head when she's listening.

The shot below was taken from the living room looking in to the dining room, family room and kitchen. I hung the garland using command hooks, and I love how festive it is.

Our family room has a ton of natural light, which I love, thanks to a sliding glass door and two large windows. I hung a couple boxwoods in the windows this year, and tied the curtains with gold bows.

This little vignette was too cute to not add in. My mom needle felted the turkey for me, and the artwork was a "We met, we married, we live" sign that I made a couple years ago when they were all over Pinterest. 

An here's our family room tree. I love it because it's so real, not something that you would normally see on a blog or in a magazine. We have collected the ornaments over our entire lives, and each one has it's own story. I've added close ups on some of my favorite ornaments, including a needle felted McKinney, a lobster that I got Ryan a few years ago, you know, because we're lobsters like Ross and Rachel, and a custom ornament from our wedding day.

And here's another shot of the family room and tree. I love the warmth of the colored lights.

I hope you enjoyed peeking in on our home for this holiday season. Thanks for stopping by.

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