Saturday, February 8, 2014


Break out the Chariots of Fire music people, it's time to make a wreath pillow for the Olympics!

My sister super talented sister Veronica and I created these pillow covers during a Christmas crafting weekend, and even as we were making them we joked that they were looking a little more Jim Belushi than Father Christmas.

We combed the fabric store, and after much debate chose a creamy colored linen fabric for the pillow cover and green felt with a contrast stitching for the leaves accented with small white pom-pom berries.

We looked at the pinterest tutorials here, here and here, but decided that in order to get the look we were going for, it would make more sense to sew on the leaves than to use fabric or hot glue, especially considering the pillow cover would be in storage for most of the year.

Here's how we decided to do it:

First we put a plate face down on the linen fabric and traced it with chalk for our wreath ring.

Then we cut out hundreds of small leaf shapes in the felt, trying to make them fairly consistent in shape and size and arranged them in a wreath pattern on the linen.

Next we pinned everything down.

And my lovely sister showed off her skills with a sewing machine, stitching halfway up each leaf with off white thread. She left all the thread intact as she moved from leaf to leaf. I got the job of trimming and cleaning up the threads with scissors and a seam ripper.

Once we finished sewing and cleaning up the leaves we sewed the pillow case into an envelope and used fabric glue to add the white pom-pom "berries".

And we have a pillow fit for a very lazy Olympian.

The envelope case was a little big for the pillows that currently live on my couch, so next year when I break them out I'll wrap the pillow form in some batting before I put the case on it.


  1. Love the idea and the way your pillow turned out. Great job.

  2. Your pillow is beautiful. It looks like something straight out of Pottery Barn. Love it! - Bre @ Average But Inspired

  3. How perfectly wonderful! I love this! I am in love with laurel wreaths!