Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Valentines Day is upon us, and this year I felt compelled to decorate. I actually put everything up before the Superbowl, because we were having people over to watch it and I couldn't bring myself to decorate in orange and blue (or worse, green and turquoise). I love the way our mantel came out, simple and elegant.

I love this Tiffany Sea Urchin knock off vase, which I got a couple year's ago at Target, and also that silk roses stay red and lush forever. The love you more sign and the heart wreath came from Kohls. I would have loved to create something myself, but at 50% the two items together cost less than $15. Can't beat that.

Here's a view of the other side of the living room, leading toward the front door.

This credenza is 9 feet long, and it came from my Grandmother's house. We had just closed on 231 when she passed, still working on painting the walls and doing baseboards, and we were happily surprised when the piece fit perfectly along the wall in our living room. It seriously looks like it was made to go there. It originally had a black formica top, but I thought adding some fun paper underneath would give it some personality. We got 3 panes of glass custom cut to fit the piece (3 ft long x 12" wide) and now I get to change out the paper according to the season (or my mood)! 

I added some flowers for height, and a bowl of sweet hearts, which was considerably fuller when I first put them out... it turns out placing candy in the open in a place that I walk by 15 times a day is a less than stellar idea.

I also had the opportunity to do some crafting over the rainy weekend, and knocked off was inspired by some great Valentines Day projects I've seen around the blogging world in the past couple weeks. Our buffet in the dining room is looking festive with some paper heart laden branches and a pink paper valentine for my love.

I created the paper heart valentine after seeing this tutorial from Homey Oh My. It's a fun take on the traditional paper valentine, especially displayed in a framed shadow box. I added a second heart in the bottom right hand corner with 2.14.05 on it, the day of my first date with Ryan (yes, our first date was on Valentines Day - insert barfing noises here).

Here were my tools. I created a pink heart on a white piece of 12x12" scrapbook paper, and punched out a bunch of smaller hearts, then folded parts of them up and glued them down. The edges came out a little more "scalloped" than I would have liked... if you look at the inspiration art the edges are a little more random, which I prefer. The other issue I came in to was the depth of my shadow box. Some of the raised heart edges are pressing in to the glass a bit. But the result is still colorful and very sweet for Valentines Day.

The other project I did was less involved, but the result has a big impact for the amount of time I spent on it. Back in January I pinned this project from Alisa Burke. If you haven't taken a look at her blog and her work it's totally worth spending some time over there... I want to curl up and live inside her sketchbook.

Inspired by those branches I grabbed my punch and stamped out more hearts in different colors, then quickly hot glued them to some flowering branches that I picked up a Trader Joes. The effect is whimsical and fun, definitely a mood brightener on a rainy California Day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely Valentines Day.


  1. !!! Adorable V-Day decor! I'm especially in love with your mantel.
    I'm so honored to have inspired your heart art craft!! Thank you so much for sharing and letting me know about it :) You've made my day!

  2. So many fun Valentine decorations! Thanks for linking up to The Makers!