Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This weekend marks one year since this whole crazy yard renovation process began. We rented the boom lift and took down that huge Mulberry tree in the front yard (among other things).

And here is the way things are looking now. You'll notice the Mulberry tree, with one year of growth on it is looking a heck of a lot smaller than it was before. The Bottle Brush is no longer taking over the left side of the garage, and check out how much more of our entryway you can see now that the hedge isn't 8 feet tall! People still exclaim to us "there's a house back there!" as they walk by.

Here's a closeup of the before:

And a shot of today with a few of the updates pointed out. Much better.

And if you think the front yard is impressive, check out the difference in the back:

SPOILER ALERT: Although I haven't gotten around to documenting it here on the blog yet, we have a lush, green and level lawn in the back yard. And we love it.

A year ago in December we had a huge storm, that resulted in the Great Backyard Lake of 2012. The water in the image on the left was at least 6" deep... it was a mess. The image on the right was from the huge storm that hit the North Bay last weekend. What a difference a year makes.

We held our breath as we heard the forecast for rain. It's been a dry winter here in California and we knew this would be the first big test of the drainage that we put in last summer. Saturday morning, as we awoke to the sound of rain, the first thing we did was run downstairs and check the yard.

We danced in the rain as we checked out our full sump pit and lack of swamp in the back yard.

There will definitely be more posts to come on the yard, and in the Springtime when the flowers are blooming I promise a full backyard reveal, but I had to commemorate this one year milestone. We put a lot of work into this project and are thrilled that a year later it is {almost} finished.

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