Monday, April 28, 2014


Sooo, last, umm, July, I posted my office before pictures and an inspiration board, then went about the project. I got the room painted, the furniture assembled, and I've been working in it since August. 

But have you seen a single picture of it here? No.

Why? Because its just not finished. 

And I am such a darn perfectionist that I can't seem to pull the trigger. (Does anyone else out there have this issue?)

So, I've decided to suck it up and show you my 80% complete office space (which I love even in it's not yet complete state by the way) starting with this recovered chair.

I found this chair at a local thrift store for a whopping $7 after a long search for something comfortable, functional and not too big for the second desk space in my office. I've never recovered anything before, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

Here's how I did it.

I started with a quick sanding, then applied a coat of oil based stain blocking primer. This stuff works great to cover finished furniture, and worked miracles on my sticky office windows last summer (hey, you DID see at least one office post before I fell off the proverbial wagon).

One coat of primer seemed to be enough to cover up the glossy finish enough to paint, so I moved on to the fun stuff.

After reading a few tutorials on oil based paints, including this one and this one, I decided it would be the right medium for my little chair. I liked the idea that the paint would level as it dried, hiding the brush strokes, and I was keen on the glossy finish it would provide.

I went to Home Depot to grab a can of premixed Rustoleum paint, but couldn't get on board with any of the premixed colors, so my second stop was Kelly Moore Paints. They told me I could mix a quart in any color I wanted (hooray!) so I chose this chartreuse color, which is called green bananas.

Here's the piece after one full coat, already looking pretty awesome.

I applied a second coat of paint after waiting a couple days for the first coat to dry. Oil based paints dry very slowly (especially if there is any precipitation in the air), so I was sure to take my time. The chair also took a third touch up coat in a few spots, so this girls patience was truly tested.

Then came the fun part, covering the seat cushion with this killer Chiang Mai Dragon knock off fabric from Tonic Living! Yeah, it was 24.95 a yard, which is not cheap, but it beats $150, and Tonic is one of those sites that always has coupons out there if you look for them, so I went for it.

Recovering the seat was a snap. I positioned the fabric right where I wanted it, turned the seat over and stapled it in to place. I didn't even take off the old fabric!

It was a perfect toe-dip into furniture recovering, and now I'm eyeing every upholstered piece of furniture in my house eerily like "I will remake you". My husband is frightened, and the furniture should be too.

When the chair was dry I grabbed a few screws out of my handy-dandy-peanut-butter-jar-full-of-hardware (doesn't everybody have one of those?) and reattached the cushion. Then I added some felt feet to the bottom of the legs to keep it from scratching up my floors.

And voila! One custom green banana dragon printed chair for the office!

 I love the shape of the backrest after being painted, it definitely brings this chair out of the 90's.

Here are a couple more shots of the chair in it's new home. The desk is from Target, the curtain panels came from World Market (and are sadly no longer available, but here's something similar), and those turquoise glass vases were from Ikea a few years ago.

And here's a shot from the doorway. You can see a sneek peek of my Ikea Expedit system, and yearbook storage here, which I promise to share soon... along with the rest of my (almost) completed office.


  1. I love it! I have suffered from a chair fetish for most of my life (that's a long time) so of course I love it. Your office looks great from what I can see.

    Visiting from That DIY Party.

  2. Looks great! I also love the curtains. Are you planning to use that green color elsewhere in your office?

    1. Thanks Lyndsay! The green is definitely an accent in the office and a favorite color of mine.... I'll be posting the room tour next Tuesday, come back and check it out!