Wednesday, April 2, 2014


With Easter around the corner I thought I'd share this year's late spring mantel with you.

The ceramic bunnies were part of the Easter collection from Pottery Barn a couple years back, and one of the very first things I purchased when we closed on 231. They usually live in the guest room, but I pulled them out for "the big show" this month (can you tell they are excited?) The Bells of Ireland were at Trader Joes for $3.99, such fun texture and too good of a deal to pass up.

The print ticks a couple boxes on my favorites list; good typography and vintage hip hop. Rappers Delight is an absolute favorite, much to the dismay of my husband, who cringes when I "rock it out, a baby bubba" (usually singing into the spatula while cooking dinner.... don't judge) and when I saw this printable (that I wish I could take credit for myself) I knew it would work perfectly on the mantel with my bunnies. I think I'll name them Wonder Mike and Master Gee.

Also, I tried to get clever with my apothecary jars this year with a "what came first" theme.

Get it, chicken or the egg?


Last the happy peeking bunny was a Salvation Army find... 40% of $2.00, thankyouverymuch. It has such a sweet face I couldn't pass it up.

I updated it with a little white spray paint and a sharpie marker to draw the eyes back in.

Thanks for stopping by! Anyone else have some fun Easter decorating going on?

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  1. oh my gosh! that print is adorable! i so wish i had a mantle to decorate!