Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I'm happy to be writing this post from an office that is a little more well lit today than it was yesterday, thanks to my adorable new lamp!

I found this guy at my local Salvation Army with a sticker on it that said $7.50, and snatched it up. Industrial lighting is all the rage these days, and there are lamps like this one popping up all over the internet for prices that far exceed the $4.50 I paid for it (on 40% off furniture and appliances day, what?!)

He reminds me of the Pixar lamp, whose name I learned thanks to Google, is Luxo. He's a dashing fella, don't you think?

 The lamp was in decent condition when I purchased it. It worked (a plus) but was definitely showing it's age with some light scratching and patina. I thought I'd be able to clean it up using barkeeper's friend, but after some significant scrubbing the accordion gears were still showing patina and rust.

So I gave in and broke out the spray paint.

I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint, which I had on hand, for this project. It took about 4 coats to get the nice even coverage I was going for, and it really does look like metal.

The inside of the lamp was still looking pretty shabby, so I brightened it up with a couple coats of strawberry colored craft paint, and added a vintage looking light bulb from the Home Depot.

It's fairly light, so it only took a couple screws to affix to the wall, and boom! New task lighting for my office.

The light sits above my right shoulder, and shines directly on my work space.

Some day I'll spring for an electrician to put overhead lighting in this room, but until that day comes, Luxo can help me out during early morning and late night prep sessions at my desk.

And, as I was searching accordion lamp on google (trying to make sure I had the right terminology) I came across this lamps brother for sale on Etsy for $124! How's that for a deal!

Here's one more before and after.

And a shot of the lamp doing his job in the office. I love the warm, pinkish glow he emits. He's definitely working the pink.

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  1. Nice update! I love the pink on the inside of the shade.

  2. Love the lamp redo! Thanks for linking up at our Motivational Monday party!