Friday, May 9, 2014


I posted back in March about the redwood planter box we created to go around the alder tree that sits right in the middle of our new patio, and I finally got around to planting it with succulents.

I wanted to use succulents for a number of reasons. I love unique colors and textures that they provide, they stay fairly low profile, and they are ridiculously easy to care for. Win, win, win.

My hope is for my little box to someday be lush and full, something like this colorful planter in San Diego via the Gardeners Anonymous blog (how gorgeous is that?)

But, sadly, succulents (all plants really) add up when you're buying a bunch of them and I didn't want to break the bank on my little garden, so I'm settling for this, for now.

I bought around 20 varieties and sizes of plants from the Home Depot (about $140 worth), and added them to a few starters I received from my aunt, and replanted some from a planter that I had on my front porch last year. All in all there are about 30 unique plants in the box, which I'm hoping to add to over time.

Before I was able to plant the box, I had to prep the soil. Succulents like well drained, sandy soil, and my aunt (who is a total succulent guru) says she uses a 50/50 mix of all purpose soil and crushed red lava.

So I dug out some of the dirt I'd already added and broke the rest up with my shovel so it was nice and soft. Then I brought in the red lava and mixed the two together. Here's an in process photo.

Planting the succulents once the dirt was prepared was a breeze, and I even took some of the leaves that fell off during transport and handling to work on propagating some new babies for my garden. There are some great tutorials out there online on propagating succulents, and it doesn't seem terribly tricky, but the thing you really need is patience (sadly, not my strong suit). I'll keep you posted on whether my foray into succulent propegating was a success!

Just look at all the different colorful varieties!

The image above is jade and below is echeveria.

And one last shot of the garden, just for fun. The yard is really coming together, and the succulents definitely brighten up the otherwise blah planting box.

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Extravaganza. It was one of my top picks and I'm sharing it on the blog today.