Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Polaroid Style Instagram Magnets

I'm on summer break right now, which means I have been crafting and organizing and exercising and all the fabulous things that you have the time to do when you are not jobless and childless. And I love it.

One of those recent projects was creating some fun Polaroid style magnets using recent Instagram photos.

The project actually started out as me creating some magnets for my Dad for Fathers Day using pics of the family borrowed from my brother and sisters feeds as well as my own, but they are so easy and fun to make I created a whole slew of them for my own fridge too!

They are mounted on chipboard, so they have some nice depth from the fridge, and they really do the trick when you're trying to hold up some paper.

Plus it's fun to have great memories close, like my sweet pups going for a dip in Lake Tahoe over Memorial Day weekend.

The process is pretty easy and involves a printer, some Modge Podge and a paper cutter. I used chipboard as the base of my magnets because I had some at the house, but you could easily use heavy duty card stock or foam core too!

The first step is to collect your Instagram images and print them on photo paper. I right clicked them directly from my personal instagram feed online to save them to the desktop, then layed them out on a grid in Photoshop at a size of 1.5 inches square.

Then I printed the page on photo paper on my inkjet printer at home.

I wanted my magnets to look like Polaroid photos, so I left some extra white space at the bottom as I cut them out.

Once I had them all cut, it was time to cut the chipboard.

I have a pretty heavy duty paper cutter from my time as an invitation designer, so it was easy to cut the chipboard into 1.75 x 2 inch rectangles.

I cut the board in to strips, then cut all my rectangles at once.

The next step was to use the ModPodge to glue the photo paper to the chipboard. In hindsight I might have wanted to use a heavier duty glue, because some of the photo paper has come loose from the chipboard since the magnets have been finished. I've been tacking down any loose corners with some double stick adhesive tape. I just brushed it on with a foam craft brush.

As you can see my cuts on the photo paper didn't always line up perfectly with the edges of the chipboard, so I had to trim.

I did the trimming on my paper cutter as well. I used the guides on the cutter but also just kinda eyeballed it (my very favorite way to measure).

Here are my chipboard-backed photos all lined up after trimming.

From there, I did a couple layers of ModPodge over the top and sides of the photos.

Here they are drying between layers of ModPodge. The grainy effect you see below from the ModPodge is clear on the finished product, but still visible. Next time I might try using a higher quality brush next time.

Once your images are dry, it's time to make them in to magnets. I purchased these magnets from Michaels and they are pretty freakin' awesome.

They can really keep some crap attached to your fridge.

Maybe you live in the kind of household that keeps a clean fridge, but we are just not that kind of family. I love seeing the baby announcements and drawings from my nieces, and the fridge is a great place to put them. Maybe I'll be better about it when Hell freezes over we redo the kitchen.

All it takes is a dab of hot glue to affix the magnet to the back of the chipboard and you are in business!

The last step was marking the grey chipboard edges with a white paint pen for some consistency while watching the Bachelorette OnDemand. BTW, what is Andi's problem anyway #FarmerforBachelor!

There you have it! I've been sticking my DIY magnets everywhere! They look great on my dishwasher (the only kitchen appliance we have replaced so far at 231... check out the stainless baby) and on the kegerator outside, among other places.

And as a testament to their usefulness, here's an action shot of a couple holding up our annual block party invitation. Yes, my street is cooler than your street and we have a kick ass party in the street every summer. No, you're not invited (except you Mom, you can come if you want).

Anyone else coming up with a fun way to display their Instagram photos? There are so many creative ideas out there!


  1. This is such a great idea! I love having photos on my fridge--I'll have to pin this post for some Christmas gift ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are so cute! I'm going to have to go through my Instagrams - what a fun project!

  3. Thanks ladies! The best part is instagram is public so you can poach photos from friends and family to make gifts! Thanks for stopping by!

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