Tuesday, July 8, 2014


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, this summer I'll be working to update my home tour page, posting regularly on Tuesdays as I showcase the different areas of our home, in it's progress state.

The master bedroom is definitely one of those areas that still needs a lot of work. I have a list a mile long of projects I'd like to accomplish in here, but I have to admit it's come a long way since we first moved in.

When we were moving in, the former owners gave us a rundown of the place. One of the things they mentioned was that the carpet in the master was basically brand new.

Hopefully they didn't pay too much for it, because we immediately ripped it out to reveal the original oak floors underneath.

After a liberal amount of spackle, sanding and priming, we painted the walls Dim Sum by Kelly Moore and the ceiling Moonah (a darker hue on the same paint chip). The bedding came from Home Goods, and the pillows were a second anniversary gift to Ryan (and the most popular single post to date on the blog, you can see the tutorial here). The hanging pendant lamp came from ZGallerie, the reading lamps are from Pottery Barn and the nightstands are from Pier1.

My inspiration for the room is this print that we picked up years ago at the Union Street Fair in San Francisco. The print of the Golden Gate Bridge refracted in many raindrops hung over our bed in our old apartment, and I've used it as the base for what I'd like to do in this room, both in color and style.

The hutch is a really sturdy Ethan Allen piece that was Ryan's parents, and had been in storage for years. I like a lot of things about it, including the paneled back and fun art deco detail along the top, but it needs a coat of paint and new hardware. The plan is to go a dark grey on the exterior, with white on the back and maybe some fun ombre drawers. We'll see if I get around to it this summer.

For now, I've styled it with my black and grey books (all the books at 231 are organized by color instead of genre) and some fun accessories.

This shot showcases the redone floors, as well as a grey rug from Ikea and my Hope Chest from childhood at the foot of the bed. I've gone back and forth about whether to sew a cover for it, sand and refinish it to match the floors, or paint it, but because it was a gift from my parents I haven't been able to touch it.

I did however move my old prom dresses and sorority sweatshirts out of it (and safely in to plastic tubs in the eve) and we use it to put the throw pillows in when the bed is not made.

One of the other projects we took on early was spray painting the brass hardware on the mirrored doors. Someday it would be fun to upgrade the mirrored closet doors to something a little less showy, but they make the room look big and are just fine for now. So we took them down and sprayed the brass with a couple coats of primer and some navy blue spray paint.

Then of course the popularity of brass exploded on the internet. But I'm more of an oil rubbed bronze girl myself, and the navy is a nice complement to the blueish gray walls and ceiling.

Both of our dressers are the Hemnes from Ikea. We bought them almost a decade ago, and mine is on it's last legs thanks to years of me overfilling it, but they are limping along for now.

And of course Miss McKinney gets her own bed in the corner. While she is one of the most spoiled pups ever, we have managed to maintain our dogs on the bed policy around here.

One of my favorite areas in the room is my jewelry organization on top of my dresser. I loooove jewelry, and have a good amount of it. So early after I moved in I purchased a couple frames from Michaels that had the silver gilded look to them that I was going for. The earring display on the left is a sheet of decorative metal grate from Home Depot that I sprayed white and tacked in to the frame, and the necklace display on the right is a piece of plywood covered with fabric with cup hooks screwed in to it. They are nothing special, but they definitely do the trick of keeping things visible and untangled.

I keep most of my good jewelry in the leather box from Pottery Barn, and my rings and other assorted pieces hang on a tree that was a gift from Ryan.

My little bunny jewelry dish is also a great catchall.

So, that's the space. I'll be putting a few pictures up on my home tour page, along with a full list of what we've accomplished and what we'd still like to do in this space.

And here's one last before shot before I sign off. One thing the former owners didn't tell us about was the double stick tape lining the frame of this window (you can see the stripe of tan on the wooden window frame - it's the paper backing on the tape, applied but never actually stuck to anything). As you can see above it's still there because I don't exactly know how to get rid of it.

Very curious indeed. If anyone has a reason for this, I'm all ears!


  1. I love your master bedroom tour! Too funny about the carpeting - I would have ripped it out, too. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday! - Bre @ Average But Inspired

  2. I love the makeover! I like that you pulled inspiration from that photo. I need to do that for my master bedroom.
    -Leia @ Eat It & Say Yum