We are a (semi) recently married Marin County couple, working hard to transform our first home. The four bedroom Cape Cod style house we purchased in February 2012 is a the exact opposite of the 500 square foot one bedroom apartment we shared in San Francisco for years before getting married, and home ownership has come to be a challenging and exciting process for us. We have found that it is much more meaningful to do things on our own rather than hire a contractor, and our DIY style has emerged organically as we have tackled project after project.

When I'm not working around the house, I spend my days with middle and high school yearbook staffs as a rep for Herff Jones Yearbooks! Working with kids to build yearbooks has been a dream of mine since I was a high school yearbook kid myself. It was on the yearbook staff that I recognized my passion for design and aesthetic, leading me to study Graphic Communication at Cal Poly, SLO. Typography and color theory are my two main loves, well besides my REAL two main loves, Ryan and McKinney.

My guy Ryan is in sales management at Cartelligent, a new car buying service based out of Sausalito, CA. He spends his days mentoring his team and solving the kinds of problems that arise when you have 15 sales reps brokering car deals, and I am always amazed at his willingness to come home after a long day at the office and roll up his sleeves to get to work on our latest project.

In the past two and a half years we have made huge progress on the house, starting with painting every room, refinishing the floors in the entire house and adding baseboards, and furnishing it on the cheap! During this time we have learned that when it comes to home ownership, the work is never done and no matter how much you do there is always another project on the horizon. So we decided to start this blog to share with the world our unique take on home improvement. Hopefully we'll be able to help a couple DIY dorks like ourselves along the way!

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